Skag.AI - Streamlining SEM with AI

In the intricate world of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the need for efficient ad creation tools is paramount. This case study explores how Skag.AI emerged as a practical solution, offering SEM professionals a streamlined approach to keyword research and mass ad creation.

Client Background:

Skag.AI, a SaaS solution, was conceptualized to cater to modern entrepreneurs and SEM agencies. Their challenge was to simplify the process of text ad creation, harnessing the potential of SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) and STAG techniques.


To develop a platform that:

  1. Automates the ad creation process using AI.
  2. Facilitates efficient keyword research and analysis.
  3. Provides a user-friendly interface for mass ad creation.


Skag.AI was built on the platform, with backend operations managed by Rowy. The landing page, designed via Webflow, provided an engaging user experience. The integration of OpenAI, initially version 3.5 and later transitioning to version 4.0, was pivotal in enhancing the platform's efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • AI-Driven Ad Creation: Automated and intelligent ad generation.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: In-depth insights into keyword performance and relevance.
  • User-Centric Design: Intuitive interface for seamless ad creation and management.


Within just 4 weeks of development, Skag.AI was launched. Its practicality was evident when it secured its first paid customer within the initial week, showcasing its value in the SEM landscape.


Skag.AI stands as a testament to the potential of AI in simplifying and enhancing SEM processes. With its practical approach and efficient design, it offers a valuable tool for SEM professionals.