Sharp Poland: Digital Collaboration Reinvented

Introducing a cutting-edge digital platform tailored for Sharp Poland. This platform is designed to supercharge employee collaboration by simplifying internal procedures and automating pivotal operations.


Sharp Poland embarked on a journey to revolutionize employee collaboration. The vision was clear: transform the traditional intranet into an all-encompassing system that not only supports the company's expansion but also refines its internal workflows.

Platform Highlights:

🔑 Access Simplified: Dynamic rights and roles system ensures efficient access control.

🔔 Stay Updated: Receive real-time alerts about fresh updates, assignments, and events.

👥 Employee Central: Comprehensive user management with customized employee profiles.

🤖 Automation at its Best: Streamline HR, CRM, order processing, and service management.

📈 Marketing Made Easy: Simplified marketing operations backed by data analytics.

🎨 Design that Delights: A scalable UI/UX design that prioritizes user experience.

🔧 Always There: Ongoing support, upkeep, and platform upgrades.


The goal was straightforward: craft a flexible platform granting employees unhindered access to vital information and features, irrespective of where they are. The spotlight was on digitizing existing workflows - from HR to marketing, and introducing innovative systems like dynamic rights management, approval workflows, notification mechanisms, and user profile management.

Tech Behind the Scenes: stands as the backbone of this platform. The project was methodically segmented into distinct phases, each focusing on developing specific systems and digitizing pre-existing workflows. Every step was executed with an eye on the platform's future expansion and adaptability.

Empowering Employees:

The new digital platform is a game-changer for Sharp Poland's workforce. It refines internal operations, leading to heightened work efficiency. The platform's adaptability ensures that employees can access crucial data and tools, no matter where they are. By transitioning to digital workflows, employees can now channel their energies towards more pressing tasks.