Streamlining SEM with AI

Skag.AI is an innovative SaaS platform designed to revolutionize Search Engine Marketing (SEM) by automating and optimizing ad creation and keyword research.

Skag.AI, a SaaS solution, was conceptualized to cater to modern entrepreneurs and SEM agencies. Their challenge was to simplify the process of text ad creation, harnessing the potential of SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Groups) and STAG techniques.


Skag.AI was developed to address the complexities faced by entrepreneurs and SEM agencies in ad creation, particularly using the Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAG) and Single Theme Ad Groups (STAG) methodologies. The platform's mission was to facilitate a more efficient and effective SEM process.


The creation of Skag.AI was driven by the need to:

  • Automate the ad creation process leveraging AI technology.
  • Perform detailed keyword research and analysis to maximize ad performance.
  • Offer a user-friendly interface for streamlined mass ad creation and management.

Solution Implementation

Skag.AI utilized the framework for rapid development, with backend processes managed through Rowy. The user experience was prioritized with an engaging and accessible Webflow-designed landing page. Integration of OpenAI's evolving technologies (from version 3.5 to 4.0) played a crucial role in refining and enhancing the platform's capabilities.

Key Features & Benefits

  • AI-Driven Ad Creation: Facilitates the automatic generation of ads, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: Offers deep insights into keywords' performance, assisting in strategic ad placement.
  • User-Centric Design: Ensures an intuitive platform experience for managing and creating ads efficiently.

Impact and Results:

Skag.AI quickly established its market presence, launching successfully within four weeks and acquiring its first paid customer soon after. This swift market entry and customer acquisition demonstrated the immediate value and impact of Skag.AI in the SEM space.


Skag.AI represents a significant advancement in SEM technology, streamlining ad creation and keyword research through AI integration. Its success story illustrates the powerful benefits of using intelligent automation in digital marketing, setting a new standard for efficiency and strategic insight in the SEM industry.

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