Revolutionizing Summer Camp Food Delivery

An application that transforming Summer Camp Cooks services.

About Me

Redesigned from scratch,
we transformed the unfinished app to meet client objectives.

The client provided us with an application design in Figma and a preliminary started application in After a thorough analysis, we concluded that building an application from scratch would be more effective than attempting to modify an existing solution. Conducted workshops helped us refine the specifications and ensure that we fully understood the client's requirements.

About the project

The company Summer Camp Cooks approached us with the challenge of creating an application aimed at optimizing the food ordering and delivery process for summer camps throughout the USA. The primary goal was to create a system that, based on the forecasts of the expected number of guests and a predetermined menu, would automatically calculate the required product quantities.

The Solution

Although the set schedule was tight, our team, thanks to a focus on efficiency and the use of proven work methods, managed not only to meet the task and create the application within the stipulated time - just eight sprints - but also expanded its functionality with a number of additional elements. These new features, which were not anticipated in the original project plan, further increased the value of the delivered solution, making it even more useful and tailored to the specific needs of our client.

Application Features

  • Ingredient, recipe, and meal databases
  • Menu creator with a calendar interface taking into account dietary restrictions
  • Inventory management considering stock levels
  • Order system integrated with inventory management
  • Forecasting system based on historical data
  • Notifications and task/checklist management
  • Unit of measurement calculations and conversion calculator
  • Production planning and demand collection and management
  • Supplier management
  • Dashboard summary for tracking key indicators

The Conclusion

The success of our project lies in delivering a comprehensive tool to the client that not only streamlines the kitchen management process but also automates the ordering process and provides key data for effective management. Despite the short execution time, we managed to exceed the client's expectations, delivering a product fully tailored to his needs.

Appreciating their knowledgeable, reliable, and comprehensive approach!
I've had a rewarding experience with Davinci while developing my application, appreciating their knowledgeable, reliable, and comprehensive approach. Their ability to suggest solutions and provide updates has been impressive. I'm eager to collaborate with them on future projects.

Alex Lagios

Founder & Strategistat Cloud Cook

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