Quick Commerce with Data-Driven Insights

In the dynamic realm of quick commerce, Quicklytics has established itself as a transformative force, providing corporate leaders with critical insights.

This case study explores the development and impact of Quicklytics, a cutting-edge analytics tool tailored for the quick commerce sector. It highlights how Quicklytics provides invaluable insights into market dynamics, product availability, and consumer behavior, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions.

Client Background

Quicklytics emerged as a venture capital-backed startup with a clear mission: to innovate within the quick commerce industry by analyzing diverse grocery delivery applications like Lisk, Getir, Gorillas, Jiffy, Jush, Wolt Market, and Zapp. The goal was to offer e-commerce managers comprehensive, actionable insights to optimize their operations and strategies.


The primary objective for Quicklytics was to develop a platform capable of delivering:

  • Extensive insights into product availability, spanning various cities, districts, and stores.
  • Immediate access to data on pricing structures, competitor activities, and inventory levels.
  • A straightforward, coding-free user interface to ensure accessibility for non-technical users.


The development of Quicklytics hinged on utilizing the bubble.io framework, which facilitated:

  • Smooth integration with client APIs for comprehensive data aggregation.
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities to track market trends and operational metrics.
  • An intuitive, streamlined user interface enabling managers to harness data insights effectively.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Centralized Data Dashboard: Offers a consolidated view of information from multiple sources, simplifying data navigation and analysis.
  • Live Market Monitoring: Ensures continuous updates on product availability, pricing competitiveness, and stock adequacy.
  • Strategic Decision Support: Equips managers with real-time data and insights, fostering improved operational efficiency and strategic planning.
  • Time Efficiency: Automates data collection and analysis processes, allowing managers to concentrate on strategic decision-making and core operations.


Quicklytics significantly enhanced the decision-making process for businesses in the quick commerce domain, providing them with the tools to optimize marketing strategies, competitive pricing, and inventory management. It has proven to be an indispensable asset for managers aiming to navigate the fast-paced quick commerce environment effectively.


Quicklytics has set a new benchmark in the quick commerce industry, exemplifying how targeted, technology-driven analytics solutions can revolutionize business strategies and operations. Its success underscores the value of integrating advanced analytics into the fabric of quick commerce decision-making.

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